Every 5 to 7 years we have what is known as a 3-week hiatus.  The last one was in 2012.  The payroll calendarshifts or “creeps” slightly each year because 365/366 days do not divide evenlyby 14 (the number of days between our pays). By the time 5 to 7 years roll around, depending on leap years, thecalendar has shifted a whole week.  


    The purpose of a three (3) week hiatus between pay dates is to avoid a 27th pay for that school year (asprovided in the negotiated agreement).  Everyoneis still paid for all of the time that they work.  We simply need to move the pay day back oneweek to get us back on schedule.  Thismeans that there will be a three week lag between the pays. This usually occurs between the pay dates of mid-August the first part of September.  


    We willnotify you in advance whenever a hiatus is coming so you can be prepared financially for a lag in payroll.


Last Modified on June 17, 2013