• Mrs. Williams K-6 Physical Education
    *Come prepared for class
    *Always try your best
    *Listen to and follow directions the first time
    *The equipment belongs to all of us-let's take care of it
    *Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself
    *When the teacher or your classmates are talking, you are not
    Consequences/Disciplinary Action
    *Verbal warning
    *Removal from activity
    *Fill out a behavior report explaining which rule you broke, why the rule is important, and how you will avoid violating the rule in the future
    *Fill out a behavior report that will be sent to the parents
    *Call home to parents
    Grades Based On
    *Coming prepared for class
    *Showing good sportsmanship
    *Giving positive effort and participating in activities
    *Respecting the teacher, yourself, classmates, and the equipment
    *Assignments given by the teacher
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