What is the school website? 

    Most questions can be answered by searching our website: www.careyevs.org


    How do I enroll my student? 

    A Universal Enrollment Packet is located on our website. Click on “Carey HS” located under the “Schools” tab at the top of the homepage, click on forms, and finally, click on Universal Enrollment Packet. Please fill out the forms then call the school to set up an appointment with the guidance counselor. Bring this packet with you to the appointment.


    What do students bring with them on the first day of school?

    Pencils, pens, paper, and a pair of headphones are all you will need for the first day, along with your schedule. Each classroom teacher will let you know if any additional materials are needed.


    Where do students go the first day of school?

    After the bell rings at 8:05 am, you will head to homeroom. Your homeroom number is listed on your schedule and will be posted in the hallways.  The teachers will let you know where to go from there. The second day of school you will follow the Traditional day schedule.


    How do I notify the school if my student is absent? Report your student’s absence to 419-396-7922 and push option 1. You may also call 1-844-288-7625.


    If my student is absent, how can they get their homework? Students may email their teachers to find out homework that is due.  If a book is needed, please call the office 419-396-7638 or email angie@careyevs.org to have the book/books waiting at the front desk to be picked up.


    When can students get their schedules? 

    The schedules are being passed out on Aug. 9th from 6-8pm for grades 6-8 and Aug.11th from 6-8pm for grades 10-12. You may come on either day if the day you are assigned does not work.


    When and how can students change their schedule?

    You can change your schedule on August 18th, 19th, if you did not previously sign off on your schedule. You must have a parent note, stating the changes, before the change can be made. Changes are based on availability.



    How do students buy a parking permit? 

    Parking permits are $7.00. An application can be picked up at the circulation rack in the Media Center.  A copy has also been emailed to the student emails and a copy is also located in your shared folder in your google drive account. A parent and student signature is required on the application. You must bring back the application and the money to the office to get your permit. You must have the permit hanging on your mirror in your vehicle to park on school grounds.


    When can book fees be paid?

    Fee statements will be sent out at the end of September. They must be paid in order to obtain a copy of your grade card, attend prom, and participate during the graduation ceremonies and/or receive your diploma.  Checks are made out to Carey Exempted Village Schools. They can be brought into the high school office or mailed to Carey High School, Attn: Angie Niederkohr, 2016 Blue Devil Drive Carey, OH 43316. They can also be paid through our school website. There is a link on the left hand side of the homepage. 


    How do parents/students pay for lunch?

    Cash or checks can be brought with you to lunch and handed to the cashier at the end of the lunch line.  Your student ID number is the number used to keep track of the amount in your lunch account.  Checks made out to Carey Exempted Village Schools can also be mailed to Carey Exempted Village Schools, Attn: Lois Traxler, 2016 Blue Devil Drive Carey, OH 43316. Please put your ID number in the memo. You can also pay electronically on our school website. There is a link on the left hand side of the homepage.


    How can parents/students keep up to date on sports, events, and activities?

    The Big Blue Bulletin is sent to student email accounts each morning, read on the morning announcements, and tweeted every day.  Students and/or parents can also access our calendar through our website. Click on the “Schools” tab, click on “Carey HS”, and then click on “High School Events Calendar”.  There is a Google button to click on at the bottom of the calendar to add the calendar one’s mobile phone calendar.


    How can parents/students order a yearbook?

    JH and High School yearbooks can be ordered at any time during the school year. The easiest way to access this is through the school website. There is a link on the left hand side of the homepage called Yearbook Orders.  Mr. Ewing is the yearbook advisor and can be contacted at sewing@careyevs.org with any other questions.  Information regarding baby ads for seniors are sent in the mail.


    How do parents/students obtain a copy of the student handbook?

    Planners are passed out the first day of school. A copy of the handbook is in the front of your planner.  Students who lose or misplace their planner must purchase a replacement in the high school office at a cost of $5.00.



    What if a student needs to take medication during school hours? 

    Please refer to the handbook in the front of the planner.



    How do students order a class ring?

    A meeting for freshman regarding the purchasing of a class ring through Jostens will be held in September.  Order forms are sent home at this time.


    Why do students/parents need to work at 4 concession stands during their junior year?

    The money raised through the concession stands during students’ junior year is what funds junior and senior projects, such as, Prom, as well as supplements caps and gowns, flowers, and decorations for Graduation. Each concession is worth $30.00 and a student must work 4 to total $120.00 or the balance will be billed to the student’s school fees for those concession stands not worked.  Students MUST sign the paper in the concession stand the night that they work in order to get credit for working.


    How do students get a work permit?

    A work permit application can be picked up in the high school office or emailed to your account. Before obtaining the permit, the student must have a physical.  A copy of the student’s birth certificate is also needed.




    When are senior pictures?

    Senior pictures for the yearbook and class composite will be taken during school. The date has not yet been set, but typically it is in the Fall. Seniors should wear or bring dress clothes that day. Gentlemen typically wear a button up shirt and tie.  Students will have the option to order these pictures through Prestige Portraits (Lifetouch).


    When do seniors order caps and gowns?

    A meeting regarding caps and gowns, the purchasing of formal invitations and other personalized 2017 items will be held in September. Order forms are sent home. Students will list their height and weight on the form and turn it back in (even if one has purchased nothing else). This measurement is for the cap and gown. The cost of the cap and gown are free.  This has already been funded by working in the concession stands during junior year.


    What do seniors wear to Graduation?

    Girls are asked to wear a white or light colored dress under their gown along with white shoes with a back on them.  Boys are asked to wear dark pants and dark dress shoes, along with a tie. No cowboy boots allowed.


    How many tickets do seniors get for parents and relatives at Graduation?

    Two tickets will be passed out in the packet handed to seniors at graduation practice. They are for two seats only and the seats are located on the floor. Additional people/family may sit in the bleacher area.




    When do seniors meet with Mrs. Darby regarding future plans?

    Individual meetings are started in September through October.  A list of meeting times will be distributed through their email accounts.  A letter is also mailed out to parents with further information.



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