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    Dear CHS Choir Families,

    This is a comprehensive resource that includes all guidelines for choir rehearsals and performances of the Carey Choirs. Please spend time reviewing all of the information in here. “I didn’t know” is not an excuse.

    Some important aspects that students and parents should pay special attention to include:

                      Please review the ‘Performance Opportunities’ on page 3-4.

                      Please read ‘Section A- Being A Member of the CHS Choir

    Be aware of the Rehearsal and Performance Guidelines (Section B & C) and how missing practices and performances will affect your grade.

    This year provides to be a great year.  I look forward to working with the choir that strives to be the best that they can be on stage or in the rehearsal hall.  Let’s make this the best year yet!





    Lynelle Lortz

    Choral Director



    Table of Contents

    Section A- Being a Member of the CHS Choirs

                CHS Philosophy of Music Education


                Choir as an Academic Course



                Check-off System

                Use of the Music Facility


    Section B- Rehearsal Guidelines and Expectations

                Attendance at Rehearsals

                Athletics, Organizations, and Jobs

                Rehearsal Guidelines

    Section C- Performance Guidelines and Expectations

    Attendance at Performances

    Section D– Solo and Ensemble and Honors Ensembles

                Solos & Ensemble

                Honors Groups

                Private Instruction

    Section E –The Choir Family


                CHS Music Boosters


                Excused Absence Request Form

                Handbook Agreement Form


    Section A- Being a member of the CHS Choir

    CHS Philosophy of Music Education

    Providing a valuable educational experience for the total student by creating an interdisciplinary learning environment throughout is the goal of the CHS music staff.  While music activities provide a unique correlation with together subject areas, it also provides correlations within itself.  Students involved in the music program will benefit from the social interactions that will build leadership, teamwork and a sense of pride within each individual.  The CHS Choirs promote a rounded education with the “Three A’s”; Academics, Arts and Athletics.


    Choir as an Academic Course

    The Carey Exempted Village Schools have a standard curriculum and course of study for all major areas including the fine arts and specifically, music.  Choir is an academic class offered to students, grades 9-12 which receives academic credit and satisfies the State of Ohio’s fine arts requirement in order to graduate.

    Music has proven itself as an academic subject and unlike all other academic subjects, combines all three types of learning (aural, visual and kinesthetic [movement]).


    Performance Opportunities

    All members of the choir are required to perform at the following events:

                Winter Concert Wednesday December 2. 2015 7:30 PM

                March Concert Wednesday March 16, 2016 7 PM  

    Spring Concert Tuesday May 17, 2016 7:30 PM

                CHS Graduation

    Other performances may be scheduled with proper advance notice.


    Solos and Ensembles and Honors Groups

    All members are strongly encouraged to participate in solo and chamber ensemble work during the winter and spring quarters.  Participation in honors groups further enhances a member’s musical education.



    On Saturday May 21, 2016 our third annual Cabaret performance will take palce.  This is an opportunity for students to sing solos and ensembles for an audience.  This year’s theme will be Movie Music.  This will include any music that was in a movie and is appropriate for school.  All solos and ensembles must audition for the director and the director must approve all music.  No one will perform without approval of the choral director.





    Each Week you will be given 15 pts, points will be lost according to the chart below. 

    There will be 100 pts given for each performance.

                Unexcused absence from a performance                     -100

                Unexcused absence from special rehearsal                  -10

                Tardy for performance                                               -5

                Tardy for special rehearsal                                         -2

                Tardy for class (3rd and each further offence              -1

                Improper dress for performance                                 -1 to 5

                Poor participation or off-task behavior                      -1

                Excessive talking                                                         -1

                Poor posture or gum in class or at function                -1

                Storage/ rehearsal area messy/ personal items stored in room -1

                Any other violation of CHS Choir policy                  -1

    Failure to check- in music/ choir robe etc.                  Incomplete

    Other criteria (such as singing tests, written homework, etc.) Varies

                Serious misconduct during choir event (per CHS Handbook)- Subject to CHS policies



                Unexcused absences

                Serious misconduct



                Successful audition for honors/ all state/ state fair choirs       +5

                Acceptance to honors/ all-state choir/ state fair choir                        +5

                Participation in solo & ensemble event                                  +5

                One half-hour practice/ sectional with director (after school)+1

    Points must be gained back during the grading period in which they are lost


    Use of the Music Facility


    The use of the music facilities before, during, and after school is a privilege.  Students who abuse the facility will be disciplined accordingly.  Any abuse of damage will be considered vandalism.

    NO OUTSIDE STUDENTS ARE PERMITTED IN THE MUSIC ROOM except for business with the director.  There will be no horseplay, i.e. throwing of things, in or around the room.  All percussion equipment is off limits to everyone.  No storing of personal items- THE MUSIC ROOM IS NOT A LOCKER



    The practice room is to be used for practice or private instruction.  Keep the room neat with the appropriate music stands in place.





    The choir Office is private and is not to be entered by any student without permission from the director.  All students should keep in mind that this is a place of business.  If Mrs. Lortz is in the office, please knock first.



    Students of the CHS Choir Program are expected to follow all procedures and policies detailed in this document and the CHS Student Handbook Student Code of Conduct.  Any violation of these policies will result in the appropriate disciplinary procedure, which may include:

                Loss of points towards grade

                Teacher detention assigned by Mrs. Lortz


                Denial of performance/ travel opportunities

                Other discipline as deemed necessary by the school administration



    Rehearsal guidelines

    1.     Absolutely no gum, food or drink is permitted in the rehearsal hall. If you have any of these, you will automatically lose one point from your grade for each time you are told to get rid of it and demerits will be issued as necessary.

    2.     Talking will not be tolerated during a rehearsal, unless special permission is given.

    3.     Restrooms are to be used PRIOR to the rehearsal starting.  Use of the student planner will be required for restroom use after the tardy bell has rung.  If you take advantage of this, you will be expected to be in class on time.  Emergency hall passes will be given to students who need to go. Only 3 emergency hall passes are allowed per grading period.  If a student uses more then 3 emergency hall passes then the student will lose a point.

    4.     Students will be given a verbal warning after the first class tardy.  The second class tardy will result in a demerit.  The third (and subsequent) offense will result in the loss of one point from the grade and further demerits.

    5.     During choir periods, students will be given 3 minutes after the bell to be in their seat, with their music ready to rehearse.  In return, students will be dismissed to put their instruments and music away three minutes prior to the dismissal bell.  However, this “3 minute” privilege CAN BE REVOKED if students abuse it. 

    6.     There is to be NO WRITING or defacing of stands, chairs and CERTAINLY not instruments.  This is considered SERIOUS MISCONDUCT by the CHS student code of conduct and will be treated as such.







    Just as it is important to attend rehearsals, it is equally important to be in attendance at performances as well.

    All of the above (“Section B”) applies to performances as well.  The only difference is number of points lost from the grade.



    Solos & Ensembles

    Students are encouraged to pursue solo and ensemble works.  The music department has at its disposal a comprehensive library of solo and ensemble pieces ranging in difficulty from beginner to difficult.

    In the late winter/ early spring, the Ohio Music Education Association hosts solo and ensemble contest for all interested high school students that have prepared works.  This is an excellent opportunity for our students!

    Honors Groups

    Students are encouraged to audition for honors groups.  These events provide the students a chance to learn from other music teachers and to perform music of a higher quality.  It may also provide students with a chance to perform at rare venues that may prove to be a “once in a lifetime” experience.

    Private Instruction

    It has been proven that our students contribute more to the band program when taking private lessons.  Unfortunately, our budget does not allow us to hire private instructors year-round.  We do encourage students to study privately.  See Mrs. Lortz for a list of reputable area instructors.




    If you need to contact Mrs. Lortz, please e-mail llortz@careyevs.org


    The CHS Music Boosters support the choir and band programs in numerous ways.  Parents are asked to become involved in some capacity as it takes a lot to keep these choirs and bands in shape.

    The music boosters meet the second Wednesday of each month at 6:00 PM at Splinters.  All parents are invited and encouraged to attend.  Please do your part as a parent and support your child’s endeavors by creating the finest possible support group!!!


    a.)   Request for Excused Absence or Tardy Form

    b.)   Handbook Agreement Form


























    Request for Excused Absence or Tardy

    (To be completed by Parent)


    Student Name: ________________________________

    Permanent (Home) Residence Information

                Street & Number _____________________________________

                City, State, & Zip _____________________________________

                Telephone Number (      )_______________________________

                E-Mail Address ______________________________________

    Check One __________ Absence         _____________Tardy

    Date of Event________________________________________

    Check One _________Rehearsal       ___________Performance

    Please State COMPLETELY the reason why this request is necessary


    PLEASE do not forget to turn this in two (2) days after the event in question.  Requests for excused absence or tardy should be submitted one week in advance.

    Student Signature: _______________________________ Date: ____________________

    Parent/Guardian Signature: _________________________ Date: ____________________


    (To be completed by Director)

    ACTION ___ Excused

                _____ Excused- further action required: ______________________________

                ______ Unexcused

                                                    Director Signature:_____________________________




     Please return signed BY THURSDAY, AUGUST 27, 2015 TO MRS. LORTZ


    I acknowledge that I have read and will abide by the policies contained within the CHS Choir Handbook.  I will work to uphold the tradition of pride, enthusiasm and the work ethic, which have all made the Carey High School Choir the fine organization it is.  Failure to return this form will result in a zero for a homework grade.


    Student: ________________________________________________________


    Date: __________________________________________________________


    Parent/ Guardian: ________________________________________________


    Date: __________________________________________________________


    Please include address, phone number in the space below.



    Please include any email addresses if you wish to communicate with your choir director. (I will not SPAM you or forward junk mail)