• Mr. Dennis Ruhe
    Computer Applications/Computer Media
    Courses Being Taught:
    Computer Media:  The computer media course is designed for exposing students to techniques in basic film creation.  Each student will have a role in the school television show known as BDTV.
    Computer Science:  The students will learn the basics of the world of coding/programming through the use of Scratch and the Sphero SPRK.
    Computer Applications:  The students will learn a broad range of computer applications.  (Excel, Powerpoint, iMovie, Keynote, among others) 

    Computer Graphics/Design:  The students will be learning some photo editing techniques and gif animation using Photoshop CC.  They will also learn how to do basic creation/editing using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects.
    8th Grade Keyboarding:  This course will teach the basic skills of typing along with some proper usage of the internet and social media.