Welcome to Mrs. Martin's Classes!
                                        Math is awesome!  
    For the 2015-2016 school year, I will be teaching:
                               Algebra I
                                               Algebra is the foundation for the study of higher level mathematics.  It involves solving for unknowns within the real number system, as well as the study of functions.
                                                  Trigonometry is the study of angles and periodic functions.  It is designed to help prepare the college-bound student for higher level mathematics, as well as help to prepare for the ACT, and the SAT.
                                                 Precalculus is an advanced study of functions, graphing, complex numbers and logarithms.  It is designed for the college-bound student to help prepare for Calculus and other higher level mathematics
                               Calculus (University of Findlay)
                              Statistics (University of Findlay)
    Email:  amartin@careyevs.org